Trying New Things

I don’t have to reiterate the last 10 posts or however many I have by saying that Go and everyday life have a ridiculous amount in common, but I guess I did anyway.

Trying new things in life is exciting, but of course all new things have the possibility of just not being for you at all. This happen in go also. When I spent some time trying to test out some openings I hadn’t previously known much about, I found out some important things about my personality. The first of these, and arguably the most important, was that, I don’t like losing things.

I know that’s a silly thing to say, no one likes losing things, but I should clarify. I don’t like spending a lot of time and careful consideration to give myself a happy little home on a part of the board only to have the home skitter away for no reason that is readily apparent. Still, this happens a lot to me in go, and, recently, in life as well.

But, through all my best efforts, I don’t know why I sometimes lose things so easily. Do I take them for granted and, looking recklessly forward, accidentally put them in a pocket I know to have a hole in it? Or do they themselves change from precious stones to sand and fall from my hands? This is one of those situations I hope to solve before it’s too late, but in this case, I feel like I should solve it from go to life, and not starting in the real world. Perhaps I should be more flexible, letting happiness come as it goes and spinning with the world around me. Or maybe I should prepare more steadfastly and make myself stronger and more capable of holding onto things.

To me, both seem possible, but neither seems wonderful. Maybe splitting the difference will give me the best of both worlds; but, it might also give me nothing but a lot of wasted effort and a pair of shoes with a pile of sand on them.

So, maybe by trying new things in go, I’ll learn more about these possibilities. In life, however, a new adventure is rarely something we can conjure up, and even when we can, not quite what it is meant to be without a fitting companion.

Here, however, I find I am rarely planning a post, but rather just rambling loose philosophies, letting my mind wander. So, I’d like to know, what would you, the few people who actually load this up and read, like to read about? Of course, I ask that, whatever you ask, I can make it about go, but you don’t need to specifically ask about go.


1 thought on “Trying New Things

  1. bengozen

    In my experience, the best thing any blogger can do is to simply be themselves. As long as the writer is enjoying him/herself, the content organically becomes a joy to read since you can feel the liveliness of the author pulsing through. So try things as you feel motivated to or if you see something that someone else did that you want to try to do or think you can improve on. Ganbatte!


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