Go-ing To Work A Temp Job

Today I sit in front of a computer.

I mean, what else is new? I sit in front of a computer most days, although most of the time it is a computer displaying go, or some computer game, or a netflix video, or some damn paperwork for a temp job. Well, I got the temp job, and here I sit, in front of a computer. I sit in front of a computer most days, although normally it is my own.

I’m not even typing this, I’m scrawling it down on a notepad with my hieroglyphic handwriting spawned by long undiscovered dyslexia. When I reread this later to type it into wordpress I might even squint and be forced to practice my recall skills.

Why do I mention this, in my first blog post in over a year? Because while I don’t consider myself the type of fanatic to say “go is life” quite so bluntly, life is definitely go, in many ways.

This job is remarkably strict, and the only reason I’m able to do this now is the fact that we’re at a slow point in project training. The computer cannot do anything but the job, and electronic devices, as well as books, are forbidden for fear of distraction or compromising confidential information. So I’m writing this on a notepad unsure of whether or not I’ll even be able to take it with me. But at least it’s only for 3 weeks.

I guess I should probably mention how this relates to go.

First of all, go concerns itself with exchanges and assigning accurate value to things. I must, as an individual who wishes to make good decisions for myself, assign value to the job. Of course there is the monetary value, a value offset by the market value of my time. This, to me, seems to connect well with the value of sente. I want to play a move, but first I must consider if that move is really worth my time, or if some other move is more valuable. This becomes difficult when there are many big moves, or multiple sources of work and income available. These values are also affected by job enjoyment, which can add or subtract value. I guess that is similar to stylistic choices in go, and why I so rarely play hoshi. I don’t like hoshi and I don’t like teaching middle school, plain and simple. The effect a job may have on other parts of life has a fitting analogy as well. Bad shape, or bad scheduling, can lead to painful continuations, especially if you just want to watch the sharks game or play Nintendo 3DS with your girlfriend.

The performance of the job is not without go analogies as well, although I can’t go into much detail. Grading and scoring consistently with a group of coworkers means we must have well defined rules and rubrics, and use accurate judgement. Positional judgement in go is also important in making decisions clearer, simpler, and more conducive to a win. Simpler moves, this is the goal towards which I strive in my go, as of late. Unfortunately making things simple is often a complicated task. See: length of this blog post.


P.S. I smuggled this post written on notepad paper out of the building in my shoe, because they told me afterwards that I can’t bring any paper out of the building, and I liked some parts of what I had written very much.

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